Property Law Callout

Property Law Callout

Property Law

Buying or selling a property can be both exciting and scary at the same time – it’s often the largest investment many New Zealander’s will make during their lifetime. It’s really important that you seek the advice of a lawyer to ensure that you understand the implications of any contract you may sign, and to check out the title to any property you may buy.

Robinson Law can help you with any property and land legal services, including the following:

Robinson Law can act as your legal representative during the sale and/or purchase process; we will provide you with professional and objective advice, ensuring you have a full understanding of everything you sign and the implications.

Our property law services also include the preparation and perusal of agreements and advice on these. It is important that you never sign an agreement without first seeking the advice of your lawyer.

Robinson Law are here to attend to the legal requirements associated with borrowing money – whether it’s for a property purchase or refinancing an existing mortgage. We can also offer unbiased advice on mortgage options, interest rates, and insurance options.

Ensure you have all your bases covered when you change banks and/or mortgages to avoid stress, extra costs and unnecessary frustrations.

If you’re thinking about subdividing existing land into two or more land titles or want a boundary adjustment of some kind, Robinson Law can provide advice and tend to all the legal requirements associated with this process.

We can also help with the creation of easements – the right to use other’s property without any ownership of it – including outlining your rights, obligations, and entitlements. For example, a right of way, or rights to drain water and/or sewerage through another property, or others’ rights to take water or sewerage drainage through your property.

We can provide legal advice in the event of a dispute or issue regarding a Certificate of Title; it’s important all parties are aware of their rights and obligations in any title dispute case to avoid lengthy legal processes and unnecessary costs.

Robinson Law can also provide advice and assistance with issues arising with local or regional council over land, its use, and/or resource consents.

It’s important to make the right decision when choosing between taking out a lease on a property, and obtaining a licence to occupy that property. A lease allows the tenant exclusive right to occupation while a licence to occupy does not. It’s important to understand the difference and which option is best for you – Robinson Law can work through these options with you before you enter into an agreement.

Robinson Law has a solid understanding of the construction industry documentation; we can provide advice and assistance going into an agreement with builders who will be building on your land.

We can provide advice and representation during the process of acquiring an interest in a retirement village or rest home – usually by the way of licences to occupy or occupational right agreement.

Robinson Law has a vast experience working on projects involving the succession of Māori land, drawing up of and overseeing contracts, dispute resolution, Māori land leases, and trust issues.

If you’re having a dispute with a neighbour, tenant, landlord, builder or contractor, Robinson Law can advise and represent you to best achieve an efficient and cost effective outcome for you.

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