Here's what we mean when we say...

We thought it might be helpful to define some of the key terms we've used throughout the website that might not be the same as the words you use; it could be that some of them have changed over time, or are no longer in 'legal usage.'

You say... We say/this now means...
Divorce Dissolution of marriage
Custody (of children) Day-to-day care (Care of Children Act)
Custody Order (of children) Parenting Order (Care of Children Act)
Access (of children) Contact/Parenting Order
Visitation (of children) Contact/Parenting Order
Maintenance Child support
Pre-nup/prenuptial agreement Contracting Out Agreement
Restraining Order Protection Order (under the Domestic Violence Act)
Social welfare Children Young Persons and their Families Service (referred to as CYFS)

Power of Attorney/Enduring Power of Attorney OR

how Americans refer to a lawyer - not used in NZ

Sacking/sacked/fired (employment) Dismissal
DIC (drunk in charge) OR EBA (excessive breath alcohol) Drink driving charge
Work Licence (following DIC) Limited licence


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